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Sandra Courlivant

sandra courlivant dans son atelier artiste

Contemporary artist Sandra Courlivant

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In a nutshell...

"Ever since I was young, I've been fascinated by horses, their elegance despite their mass and power.


I've always drawn and modeled horses and their riders.


I also love horses in everyday life, the simplicity and poetry of the relationship they sometimes form with man.


Perhaps this is what drew me to Mongolia, "the horse people", where I visited in 2012.


I drew strong inspiration from nomadic life and the horsemen of the steppe.


I love the interaction between people and animals, and everyone finds their own interpretation.

I explore these different themes through clay.

Terracotta is an obvious choice for the relationship between the animal and the land it comes from.

After firing, I like to add warm colors to my subjects using washes.

I now exhibit in France and abroad, and take part in Franco-Mongolian artistic exchanges."

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